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Welcome to Aema Steel;
Specialised Steel Solutions for Offshore and Construction Projects

At Aema Steel, we do more than just supplying the steel; we lead the way in providing specialised steel for offshore and construction projects. As the official dealers of leading Chinese and Turkish manufacturers, we uphold a legacy of excellence, providing high quality steel products for the most demanding projects.

Our mission

Our mission at Aema Steel is to provide top-quality steel solutions for construction and offshore industries. As official dealers of reputable manufacturers, we are committed to excellence and reliability, tailoring our services to meet each project’s unique needs, ensuring our clients build with confidence.

We work in four key sectors

| Structural pipes, anchor rods, couplings

| Sheet piles

| Pipelines

| Custom solutions

Business Solutions

At Aema Steel, we excel as offshore steel specialists , providing robust materials for maritime projects, and as a foundation in construction steel.

Our steel is tailored for strong, enduring structures in both offshore and on-land projects.

Specialised Steel

Steel Products

From oil and gas pipelines to heavy-duty structures, we provide steel products that meet the specific requirements of your projects.

Offshore structural pipes, clutches



Sheet Piles



Transmission Pipelines



Tailored Precision and Diverse Fabrication Services

Design and rental of sheet pile/tubular pile walls

Tailored selection of type and grade of sheet pile/tubular pile (or their combination) for optimal profile, weight, driving, and extraction.
Rental calculations considering hidden effects (waste, damage, etc.) and optimising price, quality, and physical characteristics.


Factory production of metal structures and welding

We offer custom manufacturing of metal structures and welding, particularly suited for addressing unique challenges in maritime and energy projects. Adaptation of design solutions for specific conditions of the construction site, loading and unloading operations, storage, and delivery, as well as optimization of large-module assembly.


Cost optimisation for delivery and assembly of metal structures

Analysis and optimization of client expenses for the delivery and assembly of metal structures on-site, considering hard-to-access locations and hidden connections.


Problems We Solve

Procurement Challenges

In the rapidly evolving markets of the EU, UK, and Turkey, businesses often struggle with procurement processes that are inefficient, costly, and non-transparent. We simplify this complexity, delivering streamlined and effective procurement solutions.

We simplify complexity

Effective solutions

Reduce costs

Quantity miscalculations

In the face of challenges like over-purchasing or underestimating materials, which can lead to escalated costs and project delays, Aema provides a smart and efficient solution. Our approach ensures optimal material usage, reducing waste and optimising costs for our clients. We utilise advanced software tools to calculate required quantities based on project drawings.

Quantity Calculations

Optimal Material Usage

Streamlined Cost Optimisation

EU Import Penalty Tax

The EU Import Penalty Tax presents significant challenges for businesses, particularly affecting international steel trade. We absorb the risks associated with the EU Import Penalty Tax, ensuring that your steel imports are compliant and penalty-free. By handling the complexities of the tax, we make importing steel into the EU straightforward and accessible to everyone. Our strategies make it more economical for you to import steel with us.

Risk Management

Facilitated Import

Cost Efficiency

Precise Custom Fabrication

Confronting the challenge that standard fabrication methods often fall short in meeting the specific demands of complex projects, especially in the offshore and energy sectors, Aema stands as a solution provider. Our expertise in custom fabrication and welding is tailored to meet each project’s unique requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for specific construction needs.

Tailored Fabrication

Precision in Execution

Welding Solutions

We provide steel products that meet the specific requirements of your projects!


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