Customised steel solutions on a large scale

At Aema Steel, we specialise in delivering 100% customised industry-scale steel solutions for maritime, offshore, and energy projects. 

Our custom metal structure manufacturing and welding helps you address your unique challenges with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Moreover, as official dealers of world-renowned and globally-trusted manufacturers and our in-house skilled engineers, we bring an incredibly invaluable expertise to the table i.e. ensuring exceptional, high-value steel structures for your most demanding ventures. Our team handles it all for you with top-notch professionalism. 

Our Specialised Steel Services

Our expertise covers a wide range of customized steel applications, including:

Drilling Platforms – large steel structures used in offshore drilling operations, include components such as decks, living quarters and support structures

Roll-on/roll of (Ro-ro) Ramps – steel structures used for facilitating the loading/unloading on roll-on and roll-off vessels or ports

Headstocks – supporting steel structures for machinery or large equipment installations

Pontoons – steel structures for stability and support of floating bridges, docks, or platforms on water

Dolphins – steel structures consisting of piles for guiding ships during mooring or docking

Gangways – steel structures used as a walkway or bridge between the ship and the shore

Subsea Structures – steel structures for underwater installations, used for supporting purposes

Standards Compliance

We have got a strict adherence framework in place that helps us check off all the international standards for quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Our Capabilities

Aema Steel has got a wide range of capabilities to cover your project needs right from start to finish. From customising design solutions to fit your work-in-progress site to managing loading and unloading, storage and delivery, and even large-module assembly, our team has your back.

We offer custom structural steel fabrications for global projects, including:

Steel Bridge Structures

Offshore Steel Structures

Mining & Excavation

Heavy Steel Fabrication

Steel Towers

Material Handling Structures

Custom Fabrication

Our partners’ top-of-the-line facilities and skilled workforce enables us to provide quick, precise, and large-scale fabrication services, including

Machining, Cutting & Drilling:


Pipe Production:

Press Brake Forming:

Blasting, Coating & Galvanizing:

Rigorous Testing & Quality Assurance

None of our products goes without passing a strict inspection and rigorous testing phase to ensure high standard steel that stands the test of time. Some of the tests we employ include:

Dimensional Measurement for precision

Tensile, Impact, and Chemical Testing for strength and durability

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) for flawless design

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) for near-surface defects

Radiographic Testing (RT) for advanced inspection

Penetrant Testing (PT) for surface-breaking defects

Visual Testing (VT) for detailed visual inspection

Coating Inspection for checking thickness, resilience, and any defects

Assembly Load Testing and Pressure Testing for load-bearing and resistance

Project Management and Technical Support

Our seasoned project engineers, with expertise in aerospace, mechanical, civil, and offshore energy, are here to take care of any issues or guidance on smooth project management and technical support.

Compliance engineering calculations.

2D and 3D CAD drafting.

Finite Element Analysis.

3D visualization and animation.

We are committed to excellent customer support!

We focus on long-term relationships with our clients, and that’s why, we pay no compromise on service or product quality. It’s in our core values to truly value and make our clients happy. We want to be your partners in success.

Quality Steel that Stands
the Test of Time

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