Fast and Effective
Procurement Process


Aema Steel helps you solve your procurement headaches by delivering top-notch, sustainable materials at highly-competitive prices

We’re here to support your offshore or on-land energy projects with top-quality, sustainable steel products for every step of the way. We know the ins and outs of the industry and can help you handle its challenges.
Aema Steel makes it fast-forward with smooth procurement services for top-quality, on-time delivery, and checking off the sustainability benchmarks.
This helps not only get the job done but drive maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Step-by-Step Procurement Process

Assessing needs
Assessing needs

Understanding your project requirements and specifications in detail.

Finding solutions
Finding solutions

We get to work – finding the best available options that match your project needs.

Evaluating orders and quoting
Evaluating orders and quoting

We thoroughly review the entire supply chain to make sure everything is done to the highest standards.

Negotiating and Procurement
Negotiating and Procurement

We secure the best terms, payment schedules, and guarantees, and finalise the contracts.

Quality control and delivery
Quality control and delivery

We ensure the materials are top-notch, meet all the requirements and deliver to your site on time.



Promise of quality and fast service

High-quality materials at the most competitive prices, delivered to you, on time, all hassle-free.


Personalised service

Every situation is different, so are our solutions. Tell us what you need and we will supply or manufacture it for you.


Hassle-free procurement process

We handle everything from negotiating and contract to final delivery — and even EU regulatory compliance.


It’s cost-effective with us, always

Wondering how are we able to deliver such good quality steel at the most competitive prices? Well, we strategically source and bulk buy with no compromise on quality.


Sustainability Focus

We are not just suppliers; we are partners in your journey towards sustainable construction.


We are eco-conscious

We believe and ensure sustainable practices in all areas of our business. In fact, we are your partners in sustainable construction projects.


Flexible payment terms and on-time delivery

We offer flexible payment terms and our expert logistic team works round the clock to ensure your materials arrive just on time whenever you need.

Business Solutions

Aema Steel’s expert business team takes care of all your small-to-large steel needs with fast, hassle-free procurement.

This makes us your “go-to” partner for providing top quality steel for both offshore and on-land projects.

Our guarantee? Strong, safe, and lasting steel products. We also make sure you get the best service possible with on-the-go support.

Aema Steel’s Specialised steel solutions for all your needs

Steel Products

Offshore structural pipes, clutches


Sheet Piles


Transmission Pipelines


Customised Solutions and All-range Fabrication Services

 Custom Design and Rental of Sheet Pile and Tubular Pile Walls

Our tailored selections of type and grade of sheet pile/tubular pile (or their combination) ensure an optimal profile, weight, driving, and extraction.
While rental calculations take into account hidden effects like waste/damage to offer the best balance of price, quality, physical characteristics and performance.


Factory production of metal structures and welding

Our custom services of manufacturing steel structures and welding are geared to address the specific needs of your maritime and energy projects.
We ensure the design solutions are optimised for specific conditions of the site, loading and unloading operations, transport, storage, and large-module assembly.


Cost optimisation for delivery and assembly of metal structures

We conduct the analysis and optimise your expenses to help you save money on delivering and assembling metal structures on-site, considering hard-to-reach locations and hidden connections , ensuring everything is efficient and cost-effective.



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