Incredible quality steel for offshore and energy projects

Aena Steel offers specialised steel solutions with efficient and effective procurement for all your offshore or energy project needs. Our steel structures are manufactured to meet the high industry standards for quality, safety, and performance. And the best thing? You get everything at the most competitive rates.

Diverse Product Range

Explore Our Extensive Range of Offshore and Energy Steel Products:

Product type

Quality assurance and range

Our partners help us supply you a diverse range of steel grades and types to implement your offshore or energy project vision into reality.
Moreover, each of our products passes through a rigorous testing phase to adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure safe, reliable and optimal performance.

Fast and Effective Procurement Process

Aema Steel solves your procurement headaches by delivering top-notch, sustainable materials at highly-competitive prices.

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Terms of Supply and Payment Schedule

Considering the manufacturing and delivery times from our exclusive global partners, which might take as long as 30 – 90 days, we offer flexible payment terms including:

  • A minimal advance payment for order confirmation.
  • Flexibility to pay after the products are delivered to your warehouse or construction site.
  • Up to 90 days instalment plans or deferred payments available.

Aema Steel’s State-of-the-art
steel products

Steel Pipes SSAW

Steel Pipes LSAW 

Anti corrosion Pipes

2PE 3PE Anti corrosion Pipes

Cold Rolled U Profile Sheet Piling

Cold Rolled Z Type Steel Sheet Pile

Cold Rolled Omega Type Sheet pile

Cold Rolled Trench Sheet

Hot Rolled U type sheet piles

Hot Rolled Z Type Steel Sheet Pile

Straight web sheet piles

Tubular Combined Walls

HZ HZM combined wall


Steel tie-rod

Corner Sections / Connectors

Quality Steel for Quality Projects

Connect with us to ensure your construction gets the high-quality steel it deserves!

From Specification to Delivery

Share your Project Specifications
Share your Project Specifications

The first thing we need after knowing your name and project idea is the project specification and/or drawings.

Optimal Product Selection
Optimal Product Selection

Our industry expertise helps us guide you to find the best steel products for procurement, while keeping in mind a balance of cost and quality.

Quality Assurance and Transportation
Quality Assurance and Transportation

All of our products are vetted-and-tested times over to meet high standards. Moreover, our dedicated customer support team ensures efficient, transparent, and on time delivery to your site.

Customised Procurement Services

Customised Solutions and All-range Fabrication Services

Custom Design and Rental of Sheet Pile and Tubular Pile Walls

Our tailored selections of type and grade of sheet pile/tubular pile (or their combination) ensure an optimal profile, weight, driving, and extraction.
While rental calculations take into account hidden effects like waste/damage to offer the best balance of price, quality, physical characteristics and performance.

Factory production of metal structures and welding

Our custom services of manufacturing steel structures and welding are geared to address the specific needs of your maritime and energy projects.
We ensure the design solutions are optimised for specific conditions of the site, loading and unloading operations, transport, storage, and large-module assembly.

Cost optimisation for delivery and assembly of metal structures

We conduct the analysis and optimise your expenses to help you save money on delivering and assembling metal structures on-site, considering hard-to-reach locations and hidden connections , ensuring everything is efficient and cost-effective.

Our esteemed


Founded in 2008, R STEEL specialises in manufacturing large-diameter, ultra-thick-wall, straight seam, and spiral welded pipes. Known globally for high-quality precision steel products, they have an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons.

Quality Steel that Stands
the Test of Time

Give your construction the best steel it needs to
stand strong and last long