AEMA is focused on eco devoted projects, under cycling economy & net zero standards

Our mission

AEMA enlivens complex construction projects by creating consortiums, partnerships and cooperative unions providing our clients with best services in the field of industrial and civil construction.

Our vision

We envision a world transformed positively through our efforts.

Think Green

We would love to live with peace on clean planet. We contribute

That have a profound positive impact on human well-being. Every day, we utilize numerous services, often without considering their ecological and environmental consequences.

In 2023, our Board of Directors resolved to prioritize green projects, ensuring a sustainable and healthy future for upcoming generations.

Committed to superiror quality & results in construction

Every hybrid power plant, especially hydro power plants and sea wind mills depends on solid foundation which defines the reliability of the whole construction and essentially impacts on the project CAPEX.

Years Experience


RFQ based on specifications


Offer according to the specification + Alternative offers to optimise weight, manufacturing time


Safe and optimal delivery with EU quotas risk insurance 

Deliveries in Time

Our team


Maxim Evtushenko

Chairman of the board

Dr. Gleb Evtushenko

“Throughout of our existence, our life unfolds as a sacred mission – a quest to elevate the human experience and breathe new life into our planet. Embrace the power within, for each heart touched, each mind enlightened, and each
step taken with purpose, we ignite a chain reaction that reverberates through generations, leaving a mark on the symphony of life’s evolution.”

We apply the synergy of AEMA and partners to create the Modern art of future design