Optimize &

Got problems? Solvable

Our 25-years professional expertise allows us to have a fresh look at any business issue, and, based on our think tank, we would be glad to offer effective and simple solutions. 


Market analysis

Is it time to explore new markets?


Business processes analysis

Optimize processes for maximum efficiency without compromising quality.


Strategy Re-evaluation

Let’s not forget our core values and primary objectives.


Assets effectiveness

Every square meter of the floor should be profit-generating.


Stock and Working Capital Analysis

FIFO & LIFO are still relevant, aren’t they?


Organizational Chart Review

Issues with data quality and work efficiency can often be traced back here.



Well-prepared and structured reports are essential for informed decision-making.


Overheads management

Why has overhead management been overlooked? Could this be affecting our profits?


Team Development

It’s all about motivation and continuous learning.


Risk management analysis

Risk matrices, risk evaluation, and deviation analytics.

We apply the synergy of AEMA and partners to create the Modern art of future design