Engineering &

Think Green

We would love to live with peace on clean planet. We contribute


Residential areas and Industrial projects.

| design of interior and decoration;
| technical and architectural surveillance;
| inner networks, including electrical works, ventilation and air-conditioning, alert-systems installation, modern smart house decisions;
| renovation works from the demolition up to “turn-key” result ;
| Concrete shell design, manufacturing and installation in cooperation with UAB “Baltijos Plienas”;
| Facades systems installation in cooperation with UAB “Baltijos Plienas”.


Wide range in construction type and use

| warehouses, malls, factories construction in cooperation with UAB “Baltijos Plienas”.
| consulting (local adaptation), preparation for tenders, working out the tender documentation, etc.;
| creating of professional working project team including consortium for general contract;
| organisation of all preparation works on the job site;
| technical surveillance all over the project flow;
| procurement process;
| physical volumes, financial indexes, material quality and quantity control, stock control – full sort of material and financial control and reporting on-line;
| as-build documentation preparation;
| legal and corresponding support;
| negotiations and representation support;
| conflicts and arguing mediation support.

We apply the synergy of AEMA and partners to create the Modern art of future design